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                Founded in 2001, Huoshan Yujia Organic Tea Co., Ltd. is a member of Huoshan County Tea Association of Anhui province and a joint-stock enterprise specializing in the development and trade of organic tea. Our tenet is to promote and develop organic tea, establish brand, make brand famous; through the industrial production of market to production base and production base to tea farmers, we work hard to make contributions to the development of organic tea of Huoshan County.

                There are complete tea equipment and two tea preservative warehouses in our company, and we are able to produce more than 100 tons of common teas and top-grade teas every year. There are more than 30 employees, including 4 senior agronomists, 5 agronomists, 5 senior tea-testers and 3 medium tea-testers; 80% of our staffs have years' experiences of this field. Moreover, we establish closely cooperative relationships with universities and institutes such as Anhui Agriculture University.

                YUJIA PRODUCTS

                Through demonstration bases and breeding, adopt "company + base + farmer" mode and order to establish famous production base of more than 2000 acres

                CONTACT US

                Add: 2-06#, Xiangxieyuan, Dabie mountain green mall, Huoshan County, Anhui, China
                Zip code: 237200
                Mobile: +86-13865714567
                Tel: +86-564-5103005
                Fax: +86-564-5103005
                E-mail: 875301295@qq.com